This is Our DC

OurDC is a not for profit organization that works relentlessly to connect people, communities and organizations to Bring Good Jobs to the District of Columbia. We are dedicated to ensuring that the voices of unemployed and under employed city residents are heard and listened to in local and national dialogs on jobs and job creation.

The primary mission of OurDC is to ensure that every city resident has a Good paying job, a Good benefits package, and Good working conditions so that all District families can live Good successful lives. In addition to advocating for good job creation, OurDC resolutely supports enforcement of living wage laws and first hiring rights for District residents.

Our organization also works to increase awareness of misdirected corporate and government job creation polices that stifle new job creation. We do so while inspiring city residents to come together in support of solid job opportunities and principles that sustain strong families.

OurDC invites district residents, churches, labor unions, and civic organizations to join us, speaking in one united voice as we refocus desperately needed attention on the tens of thousands of city residents who have been forgotten and left to quietly disappear as the recession deepens. OurDC will not let that happen. We pledge to tirelessly fight for Our families, fight for Our jobs and fight for Our futures.

We take to heart the words of Rev. Martin Luther King; “When you’re right you cannot be too radical… our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Good Jobs Matter!!!

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