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D.C. RESIDENTS JOIN FAITH LEADERS AS HUNDREDS GATHER FOR FISCAL CLIFF PRAYER VIGIL                More Than 300 Pray for Senate to Break Fiscal Cliff Stalemate with Compassion for the Poor

                      “To Whom Much Has Been Given, Much Is Expected.”                                                                                                     (Luke 12:48)

  WASHINGTON D.C. — On Wednesday, Dec 5, more than 300 faith, D.C. community leaders and residents held a prayer vigil in the Senate Hart Office Building Atrium. Residents urged Congressional leaders not to push for cuts without caring and compassion as the fiscal cliff deadline approaches. Residents prayed on their knees while lifting candles.  The vigil concluded with the singing of “This Little Light of Mine”. The Gamaliel national faith-based community organizing network led the action with the support of OurDC.

Voters rejected the “You’re On Your Own” Republican philosophy that guts vital services and provides tax breaks to the wealthy. District residents need leadership that rebuilds the middle class, invests in good jobs, and protects vital services such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Congressional leaders have opened the door to painful budget reductions during the lame-duck session of Congress. Instead of cuts that will have disastrous effects for Medicare, Medicaid, child care, special education and other vital public services on which our communities rely, we call on leadership to take an approach that puts job creation first.

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